Alice Eduardo House Tour, Shares Success Story

Karen Davila features Alice Eduardo house and the billionaire’s one-on-one interview.

ALICE EDUARDO HOUSE – Here’s an exclusive tour of the gigantic house of billionaire and Sta. Elena CEO Alice Eduardo.

For the first time, astute businesswoman and philanthropist Alice Eduardo granted a one-on-one interview with her friend Karen Davila. Along with the interview is an exclusive tour of her three-storey house which is very expansive and exceptionally tall.

She shared with Karen that she started from scratch in building her house. She is supposed to do just renovations but she found it easier to start from the ground because of technical reasons.

And her top priority is to make her home as cozy and homey as possible. The whole design and color of her home are of natural elements. Travertine stone slabs are seen in both the interior and exterior of the property.

Alice Eduardo
Photo grabbed on YouTube

She also personally liked the wood paneling that covers the canopies at the main entrance, lanai, and interior ceilings. It’s giving her home a warm vibe and a sense of comfort.

Inside her home are several commissioned Ben Cab paintings. She has paintings on every wall and corner. She also has a plate collection that included the actual plates Queen Elizabeth once used.

Alice Eduardo House
Photos from Tatler

Her house features a modern kitchen that’s sleek and clean. There is even an area for their Teppanyaki nights. Most of her pieces of furniture were bought abroad. She made sure that she doesn’t just buy expensive pieces but also the quality and something that coincides with the design.

In the same interview, Alice talked about her life as a businesswoman and how her company prospered. She believes that she was lucky because she was given big projects instantly. She shared that the secret behind her success is trust.

She also shared her life as a mother of three, one of whom is a special child. Her youngest has autism. The billionaire also shared what happened to her marriage and what she learned from it.

Watch the full interview below:


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