Karen Davila & Imee Marcos Encounter – Senator Apologizes To Reporter

Sen. Imee Marcos says sorry to Karen Davila after saying this statement.

KAREN DAVILA – Sen. Imee Marcos has this gloating statement to Karen Davila and apologizes afterward after saying such.

On social media, it can’t be helped that some supporters would mock the loss of people supporting different political colors. Those who were victorious would slap the minority of their win to the point that it’s already insulting to the losing parties. Gloating is the term used to describe people who “dwell on another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure”.

And to some people online, the same case accordingly happened when Senator Imee Marcos was welcomed by Karen Davila in the new program. After the introduction, Sen. Imee expressed slyly in a teasing tone: “It’s nice to see you’re still here in the Philippines. Akala ko magma-migrate ka ‘pag nanalo ang Marcos.”

Others interpreted this as a joke while others interpreted the sarcastic comment as gloating.

However, it’s unclear whether Davila has ever said to migrate if a Marcos should win before the victory of Bongbong Marcos, the president-elect. With grace and calmness, Davila replied while laughing: “Hoping always for the best for the country.”

This encounter went viral online. While some said that the senator was savage, others believed that the senator’s statement was unnecessary, unprofessional, and disrespectful to be said in a formal setting for an interview.

Karen Davila

In a post, Davila shared that she did not get annoyed by the senator’s remark. She added that Imee actually sent her a message of apology after the show. But in another post, Davila has this striking statement, “In victory, resist the temptation to gloat. Graciousness is a class act.”

Karen Davila


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