Mariel Padilla and Robin Padilla House Tour w/ Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga tours the house of married couple Mariel Padilla and Robin Padilla.

MARIEL PADILLA – In a new vlog, Toni Gonzaga tours the house of Mariel Padilla and Robin Padilla, and here’s the video.

Toni is the newest and first talk show program produced by ALLTV hosted by A-lister Toni Gonzaga. And for the pilot episode, the interview with Mariel Padilla was first aired. In the interview, the two of them talked about their friendship that endured many battles and fallouts.

Mariel Padilla
Photo grabbed on YouTube

And in the same episode, Toni toured the house of Mariel, the dowry house that her husband Robin Padilla gave her before they got married. It is technically her house and dowry is a tradition in Islam.

As they toured the house, Mariel was very detailed in narrating the background stories of some of the highlights of the building. She narrated the story behind the playground of the children, the house itself, and many other things.

But one thing Toni noticed about the house is that it is very lighted. It is abundant in natural light and it doesn’t have curtains. Mariel never thought about curtains as necessary which is why she doesn’t have them in her house. They also didn’t have an interior designer to design the house.

Mariel Padilla
Photo grabbed on YouTube

How the house looks is a pure outcome of their own personal touch and preference.

Mariel also showed Toni the way to her plate collection. She is an avid collector of places, teacups, and saucers. She prefers these things in cute designs and patterns.

In the same interview, they talked about the dynamics that work in their household. And uniquely, her husband stays in a separate room and it works for them.

Watch below:


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