Rita Avila Reminds Public About Discipline in Queue “Mana kami kay Leni, pila kung pila”

Rita Avila After Airport Staff Offered to Let Her Cut in Line: “Mana kami kay Leni, pila kung pila”

“Mana kami kay Leni Robredo, pila kung pila,” the Pinay actress Rita Avila reminded the public about queue discipline.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. People rush to get things done and achieve their goals, but sometimes, this results in a lack of discipline and courtesy in simple daily activities such as queueing.

Queueing, or lining up in an orderly fashion, is a basic social behavior that is often taken for granted. However, it is a crucial aspect of maintaining order and promoting civility in society.

Rita Avila

Discipline in queuing means following the rules and regulations set by the authorities in charge of managing the queues. It requires self-control and respect for others in the line.

Recently, actress Rita Avila shared an incident that took place at the airport in a Facebook post last Monday (March 6, 2023). The post quickly went popular online, eliciting a variety of emotions from netizens.

Avila claims that an airport employee politely offered to let her cut in line. The employee noticed them and allegedly treated them differently since she was a well-known personality in the country.

Instead of accepting the offer, the celebrity declined and patiently waited her turn. Rita stated that she wants to follow former Vice President Leni Robredo in terms of discipline.

Here is the full post:

Nagmagandang loob yung taga-airport. Pinapaalis kami sa pila para mauna na kami. Hindi kami pumayag. Mana kami k Atty. @lenirobredo eh, pila kung pila.

Ganyan dapat ang mga Pilipino, may DISIPLINA at nasa TAMA.

Hindi ung pasaway, singitan, unahan. Nakakahiya.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Rita Avila

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