Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Break Up? Actress Shares This Amid Rumors

No longer together? Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie face split rumors and here’s a post of the actress amid this.

EDU MANZANO AND CHERRY PIE – No more PieDu? Cherry Pie Picache debunked rumors through this social media post.

It was December last year when Luis Manzano confirmed the relationship between celebrities Cherry Pie Picache and Edu Manzano. This is their second shot because two decades ago, they dated each other but the circumstances did not align.

Everyone is happy about their relationship but not until recently when people noticed that they have not been posting photos of them online for several months. Hawk-eyed netizens shared this observation which ignited split rumors.

As much as we all know, the absence of a couple’s photos on social media is usually an indication that they are no longer together. But before people could even make a big fuss about it, the actress shared something that ultimately dismissed the rumors.

She shared some photos of them on her Instagram and these new pictured show how they are still madly in love with each other. Last December 14, 2022, Cherry Pie shared some snaps from a family event that they attended.

And on December 18, Edu posted some photos of them, as well, taken from a social event. He even called his partner “gorgeous” in the caption of his post.

Meanwhile, prior to these posts, the last post they had of each other was dated September.

Previously, Luis said that he never saw this coming but it doesn’t even matter now because they are both happy being with each other and he can see it. He is so supportive of their relationship.


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