Grace Poe Condemns Stealing of Airport Security Guard at NAIA

Grace Poe Urges to Conduct Investigation vs Stealing of Security Guard at NAIA

Senator Grace Poe strongly condemned the alleged stealing of an airport security guard at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

“Shameful and aggravating,” the Senator described the extortion practices of some NAIA workers who recently victimized a Thai national. The employees were also caught on camera stealing money from the tourist.

As a result, Poe asked all victims of extortion activities at NAIA to come forward and identify whoever is involved in the extortion of foreigners at the airport. She also recommended the prosecution of these dishonest persons.

Grace Poe Stealing NAIA

“Nung nakita ko iyong video na ‘yun, talagang nakakagalit at nakakahiya,” ayon kay Poe sa interview nitong Lunes. “Isa na namang problema ito sa reputasyon ng NAIA at ng ating airports,” she said.

According to Poe, this is yet another stain on the NAIA’s legendary or terrible reputation, which may cause foreign travelers visiting the country to lose faith. Poe stated that his crew misplaced a watch during a baggage inspection two months ago.

“Iyong turista na nga ang pumunta rito, iyong Thai national, ganito pa ang karanasan. Kung sino ang security na dapat poprotekta sa atin, sila pa ang gumagawa ng kalokohan,” she said.

“Ang ibang reklamo, pagdaan sa x-ray ng bagahe, paglabas, may nawawala na, parang may magician na now you see it, now you don’t,” she added.

She stated that all dissatisfied passengers should come forward and document their complaints or grievance. Based on the report, NAIA should also release the required CCTV footage to aid in the investigation of the complaint, including the Thai national’s case.

“We need high-resolution CCTV footages, so we can see who is involved. We know that not every airport personnel is a scalawag, we need to distinguish the bad eggs from the good ones and exact accountability,” Poe noted.

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