Thai Tourist Catches NAIA OTS Personnel Stealing Money From Bag of His Companion

Thai Tourist Catches NAIA OTS Personnel Stealing Money From Bag of His Companion

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A Thai tourist catches an NAIA security personnel allegedly stealing money from the bag of his companion.

After encountering members of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) during their visit to the Philippines, a group of Thai tourists had a nightmarish experience.

Piyawat Gunlayaprasit shared their ordeal on social media, alleging that an OTS member stole P8,000 from his friend’s bag during a security check on February 22. They demanded the return of the money from the security personnel, who initially claimed that no CCTV footage existed to prove the money had gone missing.

Thai Tourist

However, another Thai passenger recorded a video of the incident on her phone, which forced the security personnel to return the money secretly to the victim.

Gunlayaprasit’s second video showed the individual speaking to them privately and pleading with them to delete the video. The Thai tourists refused to delete the video and posted it online.

Public officials, including Sen. Grace Poe, expressed disappointment with the OTS members involved.

“Nung nakita ko yung video na yun, talagang nakakagalit at nakakahiya. Isa na namang problema ito sa reputasyon ng NAIA, ng ating airport,” Poe said.

The agency pledged to investigate the matter.

The OTS took immediate actions to identify the involved SSOs. Subsequently, they were relieved from their duty and were placed under preventive suspension. OTS investigators are now preparing to file the appropriate administrative cases.” the statement reads.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

Thai Tourist

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