Vice Ganda Criticized by Teachers Over Plans on Class Recitation

Vice Ganda Earns Backlash from Teachers Over Statement About Class Recitation

Kapamilya comedian and TV host Vice Ganda earned backlash from teachers over his statement about class recitation.

The It’s Showtime host has become the topic of social media following his appearance on the show as “YourMeme” in a segment. The comedian provided his viewpoint about the practice of recitation by teachers in class.

Vice Ganda Class Recitation

If elected, “YorMeme” says he will bar teachers from calling students who do not raise their hands every time there is a recitation or when the teacher calls on students to answer questions. He contended that the teacher should provide the solution, or that if the answer is unknown, don’t inquire.

It is preferable not to call the student if he does not raise his hand because this indicates that he does not know the answer. He stated that it is critical to care for students’ mental health, and one of them is not to feel ashamed in class if they do not answer the teacher’s question or participate in the conversation.

Teachers, on the other hand, react to his assertion since it is referred to as a “teaching approach,” and they claim that the teachers had no purpose in making the kids feel ashamed. It is also used to determine whether or not students are learning in class.

It is suggested that Vice should not make such statements since it seems that what he said was “vindicated” because the public praised his lectures, and the students who did not want to participate in the discussion might utilize this proposal.

Another instructor wrote an “open letter” to Vice, to which the comedian replied. He said, what he suggested for the recitation was under the personality of “YorMeme” which is a fake personality.

“Tama naman po ang karamihan sa mga sinabi ninyo. Matalino po ang pagkakalahad ninyo ng mga argumento ninyo. Mukhang alam na alam po ninyo ang mga sinasabi ninyo. Hanga po ako,” said Vice.

“Yun nga lang po at baka hindi n’yo alam na ang ‘Yormeme’ ay isang RUNNING JOKE! Lahat po ng sinasabi ni Yormeme ay mali. Si Yormeme ay isang huwad at magnanakaw na pulitiko. Isa s’yang maling tao. Sana po’y di n’yo siya sineryoso. Kahanga-hanga po ang matalino at maalam. Pero ok din po ang may sense of humor paminsan-minsan,” he added in his tweet.

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