Bong Revilla Pushes “No Homework Policy” for Elem, Junior High

Sen Bong Revilla Files “No Homework Policy” for Elem, Junior High Students

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr files a “no homework policy” for elementary and junior high school students.

The Senator introduced Senate Bill No. 1792, often known as the “No Homework Act of 2023,” on Saturday, February 11. The measure seeks to establish a policy that prohibits the requirement of assigning homework to elementary and junior high school pupils every weekend.

Bong Revilla No Homework

According to a report by the Philippine News Agency, Sen. Revilla stated that take-home assignments impair pupils’ academic performance and productivity. He stressed that it also contributes to a high dropout rate.

In countries with drastically reduced homework loads on students explain that there is a link between assigning more homework to students and an increased level of anxiety, which leads to low motivation in schoolwork. According to Revilla’s explanation note, the extra time allows the children to relax their thoughts and improves their ability to grasp things.

Students can only be assigned mandatory take-home assignments on weekdays, according to the measure. However, if they are assigned homework, it should be short so that they do not spend more than two hours completing it. It is also stated that their participation in such homework should be entirely voluntary.

“Less homework gives parents more time with their children, allowing the latter to engage in more co-curricular activities,” said Revilla.

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