Vice Ganda “Projects” If He Becomes A Mayor Made People Laugh

These are the “plans” of Vice Ganda if he becomes mayor.

VICE GANDA – In a recent Its Showtime episode, Vice Ganda shares what he wants to do if he becomes Mayor of “Uganda”.

Celebrities turning politicians is no longer a new idea to the public. Their celebrity status is often a big advantage for them to win. And among those joining this cluster is Jhong Hilario, a host of Its Showtime.

Jhong Hilario

In a recent episode of the show, he was asked about his plans if he becomes a mayor. According to him, if he will be given the chance, he will make sure to continue the good plans and activities the current mayor of his city is doing. This way, there is continuity in the improvement of the city.

And also asked the same question prior to him, was Vice Ganda.

He did not take the question seriously but he made some good points. He expressed his ideas in a manner that will make their audience and viewers laugh.

Vice Ganda

Accordingly, he will make plans and projects that people will surely follow such as implementing rules and regulations they don’t usually follow.

He will be the “first mayor na Vice” and his first project is to implement rules about urinating. Men should urinate outside and not inside their homes. If they should urinate outside, they will do it fronting the people and not show their backs.

“Pag sinabi mong bawal, gagawin nila. Pag sinabi mong pwede, hindi nila gagawin,” he quipped.

Check out his other “plans and projects” below that made many people laugh:

Here are some comments from the post:

Grabe talaga si Vice, gamot sa mga nalulungkot.

Hahahahhahahaha ang bentaaa hahahha grabeh ka tlga meme

Hahaaa tama ka jan ireverse psychology ang pinoy hahaaa

I think that’s the way.. kasi kong ano bawal yan pa lalo ginagawa..

nauubusan na ata ng boses si vice hahahah


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