2 Brave Traffic Enforcers Arrested 2 Snatchers in Bulacan

2 Snatchers Arrested After Pursued by 2 Brave Traffic Enforcers

Two (2) courageous traffic enforcers captured two suspected phone snatchers after pursuing them after they snatched a phone.

Two males who stole a student’s cell phone were apprehended by pursuing traffic officers in the city of Malolos, Bulacan. The two suspects were identified as Jake Israel, 32, and Fernan Isanan, 36, both helpers from Barangay Libis in Baesa, Caloocan.

Snatchers Traffic Enforcers

Tantan, a 19-year-old student from Barangay Hagonoy, San Isidro was recognized as the victim. According to Malolos Chief of Police PLt. According to Col. Andrei Anthony Manglo, the incident occurred in Barangay Guinhawa.

The victim was walking when his cell phone was suddenly taken by two suspects who ran to Capitol Park, according to Manglo. Based on the report, the victim quickly reported the incident to a Bulacan State University guard, who pursued the culprits but was stopped by two traffic enforcers who noticed the disturbance.

The victim’s cell phone was returned, and the suspects were given over to police, who are facing robbery charges and are being held at the same station. According to reports, several additional victims went to the station, and it was discovered that the two accused are infamous snatchers in the city.

In this regard, the city government, led by Mayor Cristian Natividad, plans to commemorate Malolos traffic enforcers Dionisio Santos and Edwin Dela Cruz for their bravery and service to others.

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