Jed Madela Slams Basher Claiming “Di mararamdaman absence mo!”

Jed Madela Reacts to Basher Claiming His “Absence” in Showbiz Will Not be Felt

Singer Jed Madela expresses his reaction to the basher who claimed that his “absence” in the music industry will not allegedly be felt.

In a recent interview, the singer said that he had likewise departed show business and his singing career. According to him, he is no longer satisfied with his profession or the treatment he receives as a result of the newcomers.

“Parang mas pinapansin na nila yung mas bata, mga bago and so for a while, I considered stopping na lang kasi hindi na ako masaya. Hindi na ako masaya how the industry was treating me,” Jed said.

“I am blessed that I am given the opportunity to share, kasi sayang lang din kung may talent ka [at] wala kang opportunity to share the talent,” he added.

Jed Madela Basher

A harsh netizen, on the other hand, slammed the musician and launched an unpleasant diatribe against him. A basher slammed Jed and said “Kahit mag stop ka, di mararamdaman absence mo! Ang daming bagong singers ba nagagaling at fresh pa, down to earth pa.”

The Tawag Ng Tanghalan judge of “It’s Showtime” seemed to have been astonished when he was recently bashed, as he reacted on his Facebook account and voiced his feelings towards the basher.

“Such a mean person…Just woke up and saw this post. Instead of getting upset, I felt sad. I’m trying to understand what happiness or satisfaction this post gives to this person but I can’t seem to piece it together. Oh well…” he said.

Other netizens, particularly his followers, expressed their sympathy in the comment section of his Facebook account. His supporters also accused the basher of being impolite and callous.

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