Kim Atienza Called “Sawsawero” Over Opinion in Vice-Karylle Issue

Kim Atienza Called “Sawsawero” Following Opinion on the issue of Vice Ganda and Karylle

Netizens called Kapuso TV host Kuya Kim Atienza “sawsawero” following opinions on the controversial issue of Vice Ganda and Karylle Padilla-Yuzon.

Kuya Kim Atienza, a TV host and trivia master, has become Trending on Twitter due to his reported viewpoint on the subject of “It’s Showtime” hosts Karylle and Vice Ganda. Netizens criticized the comedian for allegedly being nasty to his co-host on their show.

Kim Atienza Sawsawero

According to the netizen, Vice’s treatment of Karylle, as well as the treatment of the latter, which appears to be even better with the new hosts is no longer fair. Vice quickly requested a pardon for his recklessness.

Vice and Karylle made a live joke on Friday, February 3. Vice stated that they would film a video with Karylle and reconcile because it is what most people wanted, for them to fight. Not everyone expected the comedian to mention the word “Kuya” which become trending.

“‘Yun ang bet nila, yung magkaaway tayo [Karylle] kunwari tas maraming maglalike-like para involved sila. Yes! Trending din siya, nakuha niya ang gusto niya. Ikaw talaga Kuya!,” said Vice.

Vice also tweeted a “story time” and stated that he and Karylle are well. Netizens agree that Vice’s supposed “Kuya” is Kuya Kim Atienza, a former noontime show anchor who moved to GMA Network.

Kuya Kim has already tweeted in support of the singer-actress. The trivia master professes his feelings for Karylle in a Tweet. In another article, he stated that Karylle is one of the nicest people he knows in the entertainment industry.

Netizens also noted that he liked some of their remarks on Vice Ganda, which the trivia master has yet to confirm or explain. The public’s reactions and thoughts on Kuya Kim’s tweets were mixed. Some argue that he is a “sawsawero” who exploits other people’s problems to gain fame.

“I tweet mo nalang kaya lahat para magkaalaman na. Dami mong sinasabi. Gawa n ng thread Kuya Kim or else magiging papansin ka lang,” a Twitter user said.

“Jusko may mga sawsawera na parang d naging part ng show! Papampam lang?” another netizen said.

“Kua Kim ano na? bakit nakikisawsaw? wala naba pwedeng gawin para maiangat ang rating ng tigoktoclock?” a netizen chides.

“di ba nasa kabilang buhay aw este bahay kana ? mind your own , pinangungunahan ba naman sila HAHAHHAHAA” the other netizen said.

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