Carla Abellana Regrets Getting Married? Here’s Her Answer

This is the answer of Carla Abellana to question about her failed marriage.

CARLA ABELLANA – Were there any regrets? Carla Abellana speaks about regrets and if she would want to get married again.

Months after tying the knot and after seven years of dating, everything seemed to have gone down the drain as the marriage of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez surprisingly ended. It was too early and they did not even have the proper honeymoon yet.

And now talking about her failed marriage, she took the “Lie Detector Test Challenge” of Bea Alonzo and was asked several questions. One question asked of her was: “Do you ever regret getting married?”

She answered no but the lie detector test detected otherwise. She explained herself after gaining the conflicting answer and result. Accordingly, she did not regret it because it was all a part of her growth and God’s plan. Somehow, she did not neglect the years they’d been together and those times they made each other happy.

The answer “no” was her rational self. Accordingly, her rational self would justify it.

But the “yes” result has come from another part of her. In her explanation, she expressed that without her values, morals, and beliefs, she regretted it. Her irrational self regrets it.

In the same challenge, she was asked about getting married again and her answer was a firm “no”. What she did not have any regrets about is the way she handled the breakup. As a public figure, she learned to always take the higher road. She would want to open herself as well to the public when it happened but she agreed to Alonzo when the latter said that there’s grace in silence.

Watch the full video below:

She was asked more questions in the interview about her personal life, career, love life, and among other things.


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