Pokwang to Bashers: “Ang dami kong work, mamatay sila sa inggit”

Pokwang Says She Receives More Blessings Amid Hate Tirade by Her Bashers

Pokwang revealed that she doesn’t mind bashers anymore as she allegedly received more blessings despite tirades against her.

A netizen asked the Kapuso comedienne for advice on how to move on quickly on Instagram. Her Instagram followers were tense since she appears to be going through a lot regarding his personal life.

The said netizen asked Pokwang, “Mamang paano po ba maka move on nang mabilis. Ang sakit sakit na po mang (crying emoji) parang ayoko nang lumaban (crying emoji).”

Pokwang Bashers

The comic responded by saying that if the netizen knew her rights, she would fight back. The Kapuso TV host also addressed her critics. She is reported to have many critics on social media, yet she continues to acquire more blessings, so those who criticize her are claimed to die of envy.

“Kapag alam mo ang karapatan mo at karapatan ng anak mo kung may anak ka ilaban at lalakas ang loob mo harapin sila hahahahaha! Sorry pero manhid na ako sa mga bashers nayan ang dami kong work sobra kaya MAMATAY SILA SA INGGIT!!!!!” Pokwamg hissed, based on the article of Bandera.

Meanwhile, the comedian posted an Instagram Story in which she questioned why so many people are upset now that she has publicly acknowledged problems in her marriage with former boyfriend Lee O’Brian. She is supposed to have yielded to the “Marites,” but she is still being tried.

“Mga hypocrite! bakit daw kailangan pa i socmed ang problema? Di ba yan ang gusto nyo mga MARITES??? na entertain naba kayo? Husga pa more malapit na kayong mapaso SOON!!!” she bravely said.

Prior to this, Pokwamg admitted that Lee has been “palamunin” since they met. She also disclosed that her ex-husband does not pay child support to their daughter Malia.

She even admitted that Lee had sold her for a more “chaka” woman. She also called the American actor “manggagamit” for saying that if a woman does not have money, “t*e ka sa kanya.”

“True akala siguro nila papatulan sila ng kano nayan kahit magpapansin ka araw araw _____sa post nya stalker ka manggagamit yang taong yan hahhahahaha wa ka pera tae ka! anak nga nya walang suporta 5years!!!! inyo nayan sak sak mo sa ngala ngala mo!” Pokwang’s response to the netizens who stalked Lee.

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