Strong Guy Eats 5 Extra Rice In Less Than 5 Minutes “Nilulunok lang”

Strong Guy Earns Praises After Eating 5 Extra Rice In Less Than 5 Minutes

A strong guy eats his five extra rice in less than five minutes along with a bowl of delicious ‘pares’: “Nilulunok lang”.

Pares, commonly known as beef pares, is the name for a Filipino dish that consists of a bowl of clear soup, some garlic fried rice, and a serving of braised beef stew. It is a well-liked dish that is especially linked to specialized roadside diner-style eateries called Pares Houses that specialize in selling these kinds of dishes.

The Facebook page ‘Kapares Mami TV’ has shared the video footage of a brave guy who consumes five extra rice in an instant. The video immediately garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Strong Guy

In the video, the Pares vendor entertained a guy who takes the challenge to consume five extra rice and ‘pares’. The challenger immediately starts to eat five bowls of rice and drink soft drinks at the same time.

The young man was able to consume all the rice within 04:41.

Here is the full post:

May na nalo na guys Sa Limang extra rice Limang minoto si idol

Nilulunok lang ni idol haha..bisic lang kay boy lunok guys 

Taga Pasay pa si idol guys ang lupit

Thank you idol Solid suporta ung mga kaibigan mo idol yan ang tunay na kaibingan sama sama sila

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Strong Guy

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