Paolo Contis’ Mother Rushed to Hospital Before Fast Talk Interview

Paolo Contis Speaks on Relationship w/ Mom, her Health Condition

PAOLO CONTIS – The mother of the Kapuso actor was rushed to the hospital before his interview in Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.

Kapuso comedian Paolo Contis broke his silence on several issues involving him during an interview in Fast Talk with Boy Abunda. The actor was quite controversial since his breakup with his former live-in partner, LJ Reyes, and the real score between him and Kapamilya actress Yen Santos.

Paolo and LJ have a four-year-old daughter named Summer. They were a picture of a happy family along with the actress’ eldest child, Aki. Paolo was also close to Aki as his “Tito Pao”. The public was surprised when rumors and speculations that the two (2) celebrities have separated crossed the surface.

It was in April 2021 when LJ put an end to the rumors as she confirmed that she and Paolo have separated. The actress flew abroad along with her children. The Kapuso actor is linked to Yen Santos, his leading lady in the film A Faraway Land. She was tagged as the third party in the breakup of the former couple.

Paolo Contis
Screengrabbed from YouTube (GMA Network)

During his interview with Boy Abunda, Paolo Contis admitted that Yen Santos is now his girlfriend but defended that the actress was not the reason behind his breakup with LJ Reyes. According to the actor, they had collective problems which led to the downfall of their relationship then.

During the interview, Boy Abunda also shared that he was saddened before the start of the guesting when he was told that the mother of Paolo Contis was rushed to the hospital. The mom of the actor now cannot stand due to health reasons. According to him, she was having seizure every 30 minutes so they brought her to the hospital. He expressed that her condition is getting better and he really hopes for her to get well.

Paolo went emotional as he shared that he failed on his promise to his late father to take care of his mother. According to the actor, his father told him then never to hate his mother and to take care of her. Then, the actor and his mother had a rift but now he realized the things she did for him like accompanying him in tapings which irritated him before.

The actor promised to take care of his mother and to show her that he really changed. Here’s the interview posted on YouTube:

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