Paolo Contis Finally Speaks on Cause of Breakup w/ LJ Reyes

Paolo Contis Cites Triggers of Separation with LJ Reyes

PAOLO CONTIS – The Kapuso actor finally spoke on the cause of his breakup with his former live-in partner, actress LJ Reyes.

One of the celebrity breakups that shocked a lot of people and was surrounded by intrigues was the split of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes. Prior to their separation, they were an image of a small happy family with the actress’ eldest son, Aki, and their baby daughter, Summer.

Paolo used to post photos and videos of him with LJ, Aki, and Summer and many were fond of the funny tactics of the comedian in these posts. Visibly, Summer got the comedian side of her father.

However, in August 2021, after several weeks of rumors and speculations, LJ Reyes confirmed that she and Paolo Contis have separated. There was a third party accusation on the part of the actor.

Paolo Contis, LJ Reyes
Screengrabbed from YouTube GMA Network | Instagram @lj_reyes

Paolo was linked to Yen Santos, his leading lady in the movie A Faraway Land. Both camps remained mum amid the accusations.

Recently, Paolo Contis appeared as a guest on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda. He finally spoke on the cause of his breakup with LJ Reyes. During the interview, the Kapuso actor expressed that he and LJ were somehow not okay for quite a while already before they broke up. According to him, they had frequent fights which he thinks are due to the combination of stress from different factors including the pandemic.

Paolo further expressed that he did not think about the mental health of LJ. He stressed his belief that it was the start of the downfall of their relationship. He admitted that he did not mind the feelings of his former partner whenever she is not okay.

During the interview, Paolo Contis further cited his actions of making decisions without consulting LJ Reyes as one of the triggers of their breakup. According to him, it led to “bigger problems” that piled up and they were not able to talk about it right. He also admitted that everytime he goes out of their house, he does some foolishness. Here’s the interview posted on YouTube:

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