Naughty Student Brings Laughter Online Over Funny Excuse Letter

Naughty Student Goes Viral Online Over Funny Excuse Letter

EXCUSE LETTER – A naughty student goes viral and brings laughter online after writing a funny excuse letter for his teacher.

All schools discouraged the absenteeism of students and even teachers.  Teachers require students to write a letter of justification for school before returning, though, if they have a compelling reason for missing class. You state the reason for your absence.

You could occasionally be unable to attend your classes when you are enrolled in school for some reason. The school wants an excuse letter in this situation to justify your absence. The letter formally explains the cause of your absence. If it is accepted, you can use it to apply for jobs as well.

Naughty Student

The easiest approach to explain your situation is through a letter of excuse. Its major purpose is to explain your absence to the reader, who could be your teacher or your employer. If you are a frequent absentee, however, this letter might not be effective.

The Facebook page “Davao Street Scene” has shared a photo of an excuse letter written by a student for his teacher. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online after it was posted on social media.

In the photo, the student identified as Richard apologized to his teacher for failing to report to school. The innocent kid explained that a boil occurred in his scrotum, which affects his mobility.

Naughty Student

The young learner even draw his private part and pointed the part where the boil exists. The teacher checked and approved the letter after reading it. The letter caught the attention of netizens and bring laughter online.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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