Mayonnaise Performs ‘Jopay’ Kosang Marlon Version

Video Of Mayonnaise Performing ‘Jopay’ Kosang Marlon Version Goes Viral

MAYONNAISE – The video of Mayonnaise performing “Jopay” Kosang Marlon version went viral on social media.

Jopay by Mayonnaise has resurfaced on social media over two decades after it was first released. The song is a part of the “Ngayon Kaya” official soundtrack from 2022, which stars Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez. In the second part of 2022, it was made available on Netflix, and it has since grown in popularity.

The song that was widely shared on social media earlier this year was hilariously performed by TikTok creator Kosang Marlon. Many online users mimicked Marlon’s version of the song “Jopay’s” lyrics, “Wag ka nang mawala,” and some claimed to be experiencing last-song syndrome (LSS).

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Mayonnaise vocalist Monty Macalino revealed Jopay Paguia-Zamora of the girl group S*xBomb Girls served as the song’s inspiration. Monty claimed to have seen the dancer cry years ago during the Lenten season.

Since then, the dancer has won the heart of the singer-songwriter. Additionally, Monty acknowledged that he frequently saw Jopay on “Eat Bulaga” from the Broadway Centrum in Quezon City.

Monty said that he gave the first demo to Jopay outside the “Eat Bulaga” studio. When choosing a song for the debut album, Monty was hesitant to add “Jopay” because it departs from the rock and metal genres.

Mayonnaise played the song again in 2005 and even produced a music video for it. This was well-liked and well-known on the radio. The dancer was scheduled to be in the video, but Monty said she was preoccupied with a performance in Japan.

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Mayonnaise, Kosang Marlon
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Just recently, Monty Macalino finally met Kosang Marlon. The TikTok creator even got to sing his version with the band.

Monty jokingly said, “P*tang ina mo sayo pa kami nag adjust.”

Watch the video below:

Monty and Kosang Marlon’s collab elicited various reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Joseph Garboso: “Lufet mo! Mayonnaise pa nag-adjust para sayo!”

@Oliva Espisua Christian: “wala na pinis na..ung orig na nag adjust”

@Nico E. Lula: “yung mayonaise ang naging guest”

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