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Donnalyn Bartolome Shares Thoughts About Bashers, Negative Comments

Donnalyn Bartolome Shares Thoughts About Bashers, Negative Comments

This is what Donnalyn Bartolome said about the negative comments against her.

DONNALYN BARTOLOME – Social media superstar Donnalyn Bartolome reacts to the negative comments about her online.

In a previous article, the social media star Donnalyn Bartolome was lambasted online on the new year because of her statement about going back to work. She relayed her thoughts about the sentiments she’s read over going back to work after the holidays.

She reminded the people to be grateful instead of feeling sad because they have work to go back to. She wrote, “Anyway, this is just a reminder that having a job is a blessing bessss change mindset, it’s 2023!!”

After the bashing she received due to her “back to work” comment that did not sit well with many people, she admitted her mistake of using the wrong words in relaying her thoughts. She expressed that her thoughts did not come from a privileged person but from a person who personally experienced struggles and hardships in life.

And recently, speaking about these negative comments, the social media influencer shared that bashing and critical comments are two different things for her. Critical comments for her are the comments meant for her improvement while the bashing is the other way around.

She said, “Pero pag bashing, yung parang may masabi lang and all, it’s… hindi nagma-matter to me, really.”

And comparing herself now and herself before, she can say that she is a lot stronger now. She can now laugh at comments that know no truth about the issue and just easily shake it off.

She said based on a report from PEP, “Sobrang compared to before, I think, I’m a lot stronger now. And alam ko na lalo pag hindi totoo, parang tatawanan mo na lang talaga, na parang, ‘Okay?’”


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