Anne Curtis Mother Shares Sweet Video with Her Boyfriend

Mother of Anne Curtis Shares Sweet Video of Her Kissing Her Boyfriend

The mother of Kapamilya star Anne Curtis brought kilig to the netizens after she shared a video of her kissing her boyfriend.

Carmen Curtis-Smith, Anne Curtis’ mother, conveyed positive thoughts and kilig when she released a video with her beau. Carmen posted a video on TikTok of her boyfriend letting her sample a mojito cocktail for the first time. Following that, the couple had a beautiful kiss on the lips, which had netizens drooling over the footage.

Anne Curtis Mother Boyfriend

 “First time to taste Mojito drink with (my love),” said Carmen. 

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In her TikTok videos, the mother of two legendary singers is now discussing her new lover. Carmen is not sorry for displaying her boyfriend’s lovely moments, which netizens applaud, because he deserves to be happy.

Carmen and her partner have been dating since 2021, according to their TikTok posts. They were in a long-distance romance for more than a year before meeting in person last November in Australia, where Carmen lives.

Carmen and her Australian ex-partner James Curtis-Smith divorced when Anne was 16 years old, although they stayed on friendly terms. Carmen and James are the parents of Jasmine and Thomas James Curtis, in addition to Anne.

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