Young Man Moves Girlfriend’s Parents to Tears

Young Man

Young Man Moves Girlfriend’s Parents to Tears A young man goes viral and elicits comments from the netizens after moving his girlfriend’s parents to tears. A heartwarming story captured the emotional moment when a young man, Jodel Talabis, bravely faced his girlfriend’s parents to express something important. The video garnered various reactions online. What began … Read more

‘Proposal ng Isang Introvert’ Video Goes Viral, Bringing ‘Kilig’ to Netizens


‘Proposal ng Isang Introvert’ Video Earns Reactions From Online Community HEARTWARMING PROPOSAL – The ‘Proposal ng Isang Introvert’ video goes viral online, bringing ‘kilig’ to the netizens. Zhairriaihara, a TikTok user, shared a video capturing the sweet proposal she received from her boyfriend, Carl, at a fast-food restaurant. The video garnered various reactions from the … Read more

Disabled Guy Breaks Hearts of Netizens After Sharing His Tragic Story


A disabled man breaks the hearts of netizens after sharing his tragic story through a cardboard message. Jaypee Amelda, identified as a person with disabilities (PWD), writes about his challenging situation on a piece of cardboard while sitting inside a church. He underwent surgery, and his brain was affected after being involved in an accident.

Romantic Girlfriend Goes Viral Over Birthday Surprise for Boyfriend

Romantic Girlfriend

Romantic Girlfriend Brings ‘Kilig’ Online After Preparing Birthday Surprise for Boyfriend BIRTHDAY SURPRISE – A romantic girlfriend goes viral online over a birthday surprise for her beloved boyfriend. Famela (Patotie 18), a TikTok user, shared a video where she surprises her boyfriend for his birthday. The video quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from … Read more

Woman Goes Viral for Proposing to Her Boyfriend in Public


Video of Woman Who Proposes to Her Boyfriend in Public Elicits Reactions Online A woman goes viral online and elicits reactions from the netizens after proposing to her boyfriend in public. There are few moments in life as transforming and cherished as a wedding proposal. It’s the meeting of two spirits, the decision to begin … Read more

Funny Dad Makes Daughter Sign Contract About ‘Boyfriend’ Agreement

Funny Dad

Funny Dad Goes Viral After Making Daughter Sign ‘Boyfriend’ Agreement Contract A funny dad makes his daughter sign a contract regarding ‘boyfriend’ agreement containing a few requirements. In a lighthearted and playful gesture, a Facebook user named Edmond Alegre came up with the idea of creating a “Boyfriend Agreement” and shared a photo of him … Read more

Raging Woman Scratches Boyfriend’s Motorcycle For Allegedly Cheating on Her

Raging Woman

Raging Woman Caught on Camera Slashing Cheating Boyfriend’s Motorcycle A raging woman expressed her frustration by scratching her boyfriend’s motorcycle, allegedly in response to him cheating on her. Infidelity is a topic that elicits strong emotions and is often viewed as one of the most painful and damaging experiences within a romantic relationship. The act … Read more

Female Judge to Face Charges for Preventing BF to be Jailed – PNP

PNP to File Cases vs Female Judge for Preventing Accused BF from Being Jailed The Philippine National Police (PNP) will file cases against a female judge for allegedly intervening to prevent her boyfriend from being jailed. The PNP will bring an obstruction of justice prosecution against a female judge who intervened to keep her accused … Read more