Fraternal Order of Eagles Releases Statement Over Controversial Confrontation Video

Fraternal Order of Eagles Says Man Claiming as Eagle Member is Not a Genuine Member

The Fraternal Order of Eagles released a statement over the controversial confrontation video including alleged Eagle member and delivery rider.

A few days ago, the video footage of some frat members criticizing a delivery rider for wearing a shirt with an eagle print becomes one of the most controversial topics on social media.

The alleged member of the Fraternal Order of Eagle confronted a delivery rider wearing a long sleeve jersey with an eagle print. The frat member claimed that wearing shirts with such a design is now allowed.

Fraternal Order of Eagles

The delivery rider explained that purchased the shirt online. The shirt does not include the Fraternal Order of Eagles logo.

However, the alleged Eagle member had an exchange of heated argument with the rider insisting on his principle.

The rider reiterates “Ako sa online ko binili to, kung kayo may ari ng eagle Pilipinas kayo magbawal.”

Last weekend, Fraternal Order of Eagles released an official statement regarding the incident. The fraternity found out that the man in the viral video is not an official member of the group.

The group also reminded their genuine members to be more diplomatic if they caught someone using their logos even if they’re not an official members.

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Here is the full post:

On the viral “Eagles” issue:

“Enthusiasm for a Cause, sometimes warps better Judgment”

The viral incident of a confusion as to the wearing of “Eagles” apparel involving an “alleged” TFOE-PE member is a learning opportunity for us all in the organization.

To be clear: Every one , especially every Filipino, has the right to wear Philippine-inspired apparels including the Philippine Eagle which is the National bird of our country.

With this, we, the Fraternal Order of Eagles – Philippine Eagles (TFOE – PE) members should not get carried away as to exclusively appropriate a national symbol only to our group.

If, however, they are wrongfully wearing our TFOE-PE Logo, we have some diplomatic and legal recourse that may be availed in order to protect the identity and integrity of our organization and its brand. Still, we do not have the right to strip people naked or use violence in circumstances such as this incident.

As investigated, the involved “eagle member” is not really a genuine member, hence an ‘egol’ as actually labeled by netizens – an embarrassment.

Their group’s actuations are unbecoming of an Eagle member who should be dignified, compassionate, and respected by the community. We do not use our TFOE-PE membership to brag, to mock, to show authority or power, or to break rules in order to get ahead. We should not have arrogant and shady people in our organization.

Let us be reminded of Eagleism, our policies and objectives, which is who we are as EAGLES:

E – Enlightened and Innovative Humanitarians

A – Animated by Strong bond of Brotherhood

G – God-loving, non-sectarian

L – Law – abiding, Liberty-oriented, Non-political

E – Emblazed with the Intense Mission of

S – Service to country, its people, and its Community

To those who were wronged by some TFOE – PE members; on bended knees, we would like to ask your forgiveness and understanding.

Thank you.

– Eagle Valred Olsim

TFOE – PE Member

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Fraternal Order of Eagles

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