Jake Zyrus Concert in America “Nilangaw”: “Wala pang 200 ang umattend”

Concert of Jake Zyrus in America Flop or “Nilangaw”, Says Ogie Diaz

The concert of Jake Zyrus in America allegedly flopped and “nilangaw” as few people attended the said event.

Ogie, the talent manager, recently discussed Jake Zyrus’s newest show, formerly known as Charice Pempengco. The concert, according to Ogie’s source, took place on Saturday, December 10 in San Diego, California.

Jake Zyrus Concert Nilangaw

Ogie claimed that the event was believed to be a “failure” and those who attended to witness the concert were few. The cost is believed to be $108 with a meet and greet. The capacity is approximately 700, but it appears that less than 200 people come, according to Ogie.

According to Ogie’s sources, it was intended that they did not watch since they still banked on the voice of “Charice Pempengco”. Because Jake’s voice has changed to match his makeover.

Charice’s voice timbre was more popular among Jake’s admirers. According to many who watched, Jake was likewise unable to connect with the audience.

According to Ogie, this is a terrible situation since, after all, this is what the artist truly wants to do, go out, but it appears that his worldwide singing career has been severely harmed. On the other hand, it is likely that some are not pleased with Jake’s newfound contentment.

Mama Loi’s hypothetical question: Is it worthwhile for Jake to forego his profession in pursuit of personal happiness? Aunt Jegs shrieked, hoping she could bring back her loud voice.

Ogie suggests that it might be difficult because Jake’s body is already a man; in fact, it causes the body to sprout hair. Meanwhile, showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin revealed that Canadian musician David Foster apparently rejected Jake once more after seeking help from him.

Jake supposedly got in touch with the singer from abroad so that they might work on a project once more when he was residing in America. The entertainment columnist went on to say that Jake is rumored to be relocating.

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  1. Smula nung ngchange sya gender.. Nadiscrimnate na sya ng iba.. Nakakadisappoint sbra.. Pti voice nya hndi na malamig pakinggan prang may mtgas na bagay kna lang napapakinggan s knya prang hard to feel it.. That there is somethng.. Nkkpang hinayang tlga through the years gnto na mapapala nya bandang huli.. Syang career to change gender..

  2. Im also a lesbian but to be honest, I never changed a bit of myself, I love myself.. There’s nothing wrong to expose who you really are. What happened to her was..
    She literally changed everything. It makes me sad bec shes not the person that we use to idolize anymore.


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