DTI Asserts P500 Is Enough for Simple Noche Buena

DTI Speaks on Buying Food Items for Noche Buena

DTI – The Department of Trade and Industy asserted that P500 is enough to buy food for simple Noche Buena for a family of up to 5 members.

A lot of people now are busy buying gifts for the Christmas events and food for the Noche Buena celebrations. Filipinos are used to having something on the table that the family can share on the midnight of December 25 – the celebration of Christmas.

However, undeniably, the high inflation rate in the Philippines or the quick increase in the prices of foods and commodities post a huge challenge to consumers. A lot of people expressed their sentiment that food prices are high now and their usual budget could no longer fit the costs of what they need to buy.

As to Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), it is all about being wise in buying food items for Noche Buena. The government agency previously stressed that P500 is enough for a simple Noche Buena for a family of up to five (5) members.

DTI on Noche Buena Food
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Recently, DTI stressed that P500 is really enough for a simple Noche Buena for the family with Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo proving how. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, she was able to buy ham, spaghetti set, fruit salad set, bread, corned beef, and cheese.

According to Castelo, the consumers should really exert an effort to find and buy the bundle products. She also stressed that DTI has issued a price guide which consumers can use as the basis in buying food items based on their budget.

Based on the report, with regards to the condiments which were not included to the P491 worth of purchase, USec. Castelo expressed that most homes already have salt, black pepper, onion, etc. at their kitchen.

The statement of DTI that P500 is enough for Noche Buena earned different reactions from the people. While some agree with the government agency, other people disagree with it citing the costs of food items nowadays.

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