DTI Says P500 Is Enough For Family Noche Buena, Here’s how according to the agency…

DTI Speaks on How To Budget Money for Noche Buena

DTI – The Department of Trade and Industry said that P500 is enough for the traditional family “Noche Buena”.

The holiday season is here once again and many people are busy buying foods, gifts, and all the other things needed for the celebrations. Christmas parties are set left and right and there are also family reunions, birthdays, and weddings to be celebrated this December.

One of the events that most Filipino households prepare for is the Noche Buena, a family salo-salo on the midnight of December 25. It is part of the tradition that families prepare food and eat together on the midnight of the commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

However, undeniably, putting food on the table is more challenging now compared before because of the high prices of several goods and commodities. The inflation in PH has reached 8.0% in percent, the highest rate since November 2008.

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Amid the high inflation rate in PH, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said that P500 can be enough for the noche buena for a family of up to five (5) members. According to the government agency, the consumers must be wise in buying food items.

Based on a report on GMA News, the agency said that P500 would be enough for noche buena and the family can already have spaghetti, fruit salad, ham, bread, and cheese. DTO Undersecretary Ruth Castelo encourage the consumers to consult the price guide before buying the food items for their noche buena. She suggests buying bundled products.

“Tumingin ng bundled products kasi makikita mo ang savings,” Castelo said.

According to Castelo, there is a possible price hike on food products next year but the increase in the prices are expected to be not simultaneous. The DTI Undersecretary expressed that most of the food items in the inflation basket are agricultural products and they already communicated with the Department of Agriculture on how they can extend assistance to them.

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