Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie Alleged Issue Before

Online community gush about this alleged issue between Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie.

ALEX GONZAGA – Currently making a loud buzz online is the alleged confrontation between Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie years ago.

Just recently, in a new podcast of Alex Gonzaga, she talked about being traumatized when a senior star confronted her. Accordingly, she was just around 20 or 21 at that time when this senior star went to her and shouted at her because she came late.

She said, “Akala niya galing ako sa bahay, late lang ako, hindi niya alam na galing ako sa work kasi siguro hindi sinabi sa kanya.”

And in interviews, this senior star was accordingly painting her as the bad guy whenever he or she tells this story. But what she does is just let it be because she knows her truth.

With this narrative, people have seemingly found the puzzle that fits – a story that fits with her story.

In 2018, veteran actress Dina Bonnevie talked about this young actress who received hell from her because she made them wait, veteran screen actors, wait for her.

Many people alleged that Alex was referring to Dina and Dina was referring to Alex.

In Dina’s version, the young star who suffered her wrath has been displaying a “diva attitude” that they did not like. She accordingly lambasted the young star with these words:

‘Who do you think you are? Are you famous? Who are you? What name have you made? Have you carved your name in stone in showbiz? Your call is at 9 o’clock and you come down from your van at 12 o’clock na naka-pajama? Really?’

And this is not the only incident. There was also a time when she went out during lunch hour and came back at 3 PM making them, her co-stars, wait for her. The young star even threatened that it will reach her mother but the veteran actress did not flinch.

She even challenged her based on a report from PEP: ‘Sige, papuntahin mo dito. Magsu-showdown kami dito ng nanay mo.’

To recall, Alex and Dina have worked together in TV5’s PS I Love You.


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