Dina Bonnevie Highlights Cherie Gil’s Legacy

Dina Bonnevie wrote this tribute to her friend and sister Cherie Gil

Seasoned actress Dina Bonnevie highlighted the legacy that late actress Cherie Gil will leave in the entertainment industry.

Cherie is indeed an icon in showbiz. Her performance always gets applause from her audience. Her acting prowess is even recognized by her fellow stars like Dina. They worked together in the iconic movie Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas, together with Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

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Recalling the years they have been together, Dina expressed grief over losing someone so dear to her. “Cherie as you know in French, means “dear.” That is what you are to me,” Dina wrote in her Instagram post. For her, the late actress is more than just a friend because she considered her a sister, her first mentor in singing, and someone who helped her reach her dreams and goals.

“You were my critic and my fan, never afraid to tell me the truth if you felt I could do better and never stingy for words of praise if I did well,” Dina Bonnevie said. Over the years, they have become each other’s confidantes and shoulders they can lean during difficult times in their lives.

Dina also shared that she and Cherie believed that they “had to search for our higher selves and what purpose we had to fulfill in life and most of all what we could impart to this world as our contribution, our legacy.” In a portion of her post, Dina also talked about the time when she and Cherie had a lengthy conversation in Italy and all the conversations that they had, and the pain, sorrow, and joys they shared with each other.

Dina Bonnevie also said that Cherie Gil’s life wasn’t perfect but she gave her all in everything that she did, under whatever circumstance. “You were always true and present in mind, body and spirit. That was your legacy!” she said about her friend.

Sharon Cuneta also shared heartbreaking posts about Cherie Gil.

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