Man Playing Russian Roulette Shoots Self in the Head in Bacolod

Man in Bacolod City Died After Shooting Self in the Head while Playing Russian Roulette

BACOLOD CITY – The man died after he allegedly shoots himself while playing Russian Roulette with a friend in the said city.

According to a report by DNX News, a man from the Cauyan town ended up killing himself after playing Russian roulette with a friend’s gun. Jeemo Redimo, 37, a resident of the fifth sub village of the village Poblacion Cauayan Negros Occidental, was named as the victim.

Bacolod Man Russian Roulette

According to the preliminary investigation, the victim and his companion, 28-year-old Benjie Chavez from the same town, decided to play the deadly game around nine in the evening on December 4, 2022. Redimo attempted to play Russian roulette after taking the 38 pistol from his waist.

Chavez revealed that Redimo pointed the gun at his head. However, as soon as he pressed the trigger, a bullet was fired, killing him, based on the report.

According to the police, Chavez tried to conceal the gun in the sewer. The 38 Caliber Revolver ARMSCOR filled with fired cartridge case was found by the authorities after they searched the drainage.

The fact that Chavez sought to conceal the crime’s weapon at the drainage leads the authorities to believe that he was involved in the occurrence. Chavez is currently being held at the Municipal Police Station of Cauayan and will be subject to a paraffin examination.

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