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CHOCO Mucho Management Breaks Silence On 'Snubbing Incident'

CHOCO Mucho Management Breaks Silence On ‘Snubbing Incident’

CHOCO Mucho Management Breaks Silence Over Deanna Wong, Players ‘Snubbing Incident’

CHOCO MUCHO – The Choco Mucho management has defended the volleyball players against the backlash over reports that they allegedly snubbed their fans.

On December 1, 2022, a video taken by a netizen started trending on Tiktok of the Choco Mucho Flying Titans volleyball team allegedly snubbed fans who approached them during their trip to Boracay.

It can be seen and heard in the video that the fans greeted the team’s star players one by one as they boarded their shuttle service, but most of them just kept walking, except for Bea de Leon who nodded only to them.

Photo Source: CNN

The video of the Choco Mucho team immediately trended and garnered various reactions from volleyball fans and well-known personalities, including Kuya Kim. Through a Facebook post on December 4, 2022, the Kapuso host shared his frustration with what he saw.

According to the 24 Oras trivia master, it is sad to see such scenes between fans and public personalities. Other than Kuya Kim, the motivational speaker Rendon Labrador gave a comment first.

“Sino po ang coach nitong mga ito? Dagdagan pa natin ng konti pang training sa good manners & right conduct,” Rendon said.

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Photo Source: Facebook

The management of CHOCO Mucho has spoken out over the alleged snub that the volleyball players allegedly gave to their fans while they were on vacation in Boracay.

The management of the well-known Premier Volleyball League (PVL) team defended its players in a social media post on Monday after they faced criticism from the public.

“The team was in Boracay recently for a short break after a busy year of heartbreaking finishes. A video clip from that trip went viral, with netizens portraying some of our players as snobs who lack “good manners and right conduct.”

“Unfortunately, what is not included in the viral clip are other videos online showing the players acknowledging and talking to fans, and accommodating selfies and videos with them while trying to have their break.”

Photo Source: @Premier Volleyball League FB

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  1. Ay naku bakit ngayon lang kayo nahlabas ng dtayement seguro plinantsa nyo at nag gawa kayo ng rason para yong mga players nyo ay d na i bash, ang klaro ng ginawa nila they are snob lalo na yong c Deana mansin


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