Maxene Magalona On How She Knew Her Marriage Is Going To Fail

Here’s a confession of Maxene Magalona about her failed marriage.

MAXENE MAGALONA – Famous actress Maxene Magalona opens up about her failed marriage and how she knew that it was falling apart.

As early as January of this year, Maxene Magalona was noticed by many when she unfollowed her husband musician Rob Mananquil. She also removed her husband’s last name from her social media name which ignited speculations about their split.

And just this October, based on a previous article, the actress finally confirmed their split by announcing that she is single. To recall, Rob and Maxene have had church and beach weddings. Their beach wedding was held in Boracay on January 11, 2018.

In their marriage, how did she know that it is not working anymore?

First and foremost, she expressed that she learned a lot from their relationship. She admitted his share of mistakes and her fault when she let her ego control her. She realized that she got married because of external pressures. She realized that she entered marriage without fixing herself first.

For her, the separation came as a blessing in disguise. She believed that married couples should do everything to make it work as long both parties are willing to do it. And on her part, she did everything she can. She did everything and when it did not turn out fine, she found herself easily moving forward because she did not carry anything with her that can cause confusion.

The separation gave her space to work on herself.

Maxene knew that it isn’t going to work anymore when she had an “enough is enough” moment. It was the time she wasn’t feeling herself anymore which is the same case for her husband. They were both struggling.

“I was the one who decided na parang ‘Ah okay. Parang hindi na talaga match’. And nasabi ko naman lahat yun sa kanya. It was more of a mutual decision really. That’s why I encourage people to heal before they get married,” she said.

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