Rebonded Isaw? Chicken Intestines Skewered in Unusual Way Went Viral

Rebonded Isaw Goes Viral After Chicken Intestines Skewered in Unusual Way

REBONDED ISAW – The chicken intestines that have been skewered in an unusual way went viral after it was posted online.

Isaw is a popular Filipino street food, which is known to be among the most famous ones you can get partly due to how affordable it is. Isaw is usually cooked ‘grilled’ or fried. A lot of Filipino people love this street food because of its delicious taste.

Vendors wash the intestines thoroughly before it is boiled in a vinegary-spicy mixture and skewered on bamboo sticks. After cooking, consumers would dip it in homemade sauce or spiced vinegar.

Rebonded Isaw

Grilled Isaw is available in different parts of the Philippines and even in other Asian countries. It is commonly sold at street stalls and traditionally consumed as an afternoon snack.

A Facebook user named Suarez Agustin Joan has shared a photo of chicken intestines that have been skewered in an unusual way. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online after it was posted on social media.

In the photo, it can be seen that the chicken intestines have been skewered straight instead of forming a zig-zag pattern. It has been also hailed as rebounded ‘isaw’ because of its unusual form.

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Rebonded Isaw

The photo has a caption:

“Malapit na talaga ang pasko pati isaw nakarebond na din”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the rebonded isaw:

What can you say about these chicken intestines? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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