New Year 2023: List of Firecrackers Prohibited, Allowed in Fireworks Display Areas

Guide on New Year 2023 Firecrackers Rules

NEW YEAR 2023 – Here are the lists of the firecrackers that are prohibited and those that are allowed in fireworks display areas.

It has been part of the tradition in the Philippines that Filipinos use firecrackers and fireworks during the New Year celebration. The using of firecrackers and fireworks even start weeks before the New Year celebration. However, while these situations have made some people happy, there were also instances when it led to accidents and injuries.

Now, the law limits the firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices that are allowed in display areas and outside the community areas in the pursuit to prevent accidents and injuries. Based on a report on GMA News Online, PNP spokesperson Police Colonel Jean Fajardo recently spoke about the firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices that are prohibited and allowed this New Year 2023.

New Year 2023
Photo Credit: PTV News

According to Fajardo, firecrackers with these characteristics are prohibited this New Year 2023 celebration:

  • overweight (it should not be over 0.2 grams or not more than 1/3 teaspoon)
  • fuse should not burn less than three (3) seconds but not more than 6 seconds
  • oversized like the super lolo
  • combination of phosphorus or sulfur and chlorate

Based on the report, PNP spokesperson Police Colonel Jean Fajardo also reminds communities that there must be an area designated as the firecracker display zone and community display area. Here is a list of the firecrackers that can be used in display areas this New Year 2023:

  • bawang
  • baby rocket
  • el diablo
  • pulling of strings
  • paper caps
  • small triangulo
  • sky rocket or kwitis

With regards to the pyrotechnic devices or what is locally known as “pailaw”, they can be used outside the designated display or community areas except for the Type 4 pyrotechnic devices. Based on the report, among those that are allowed in residential areas are:

  • luces
  • butterfly
  • mabuhay
  • fountain
  • roman candle
  • jumbo regular
  • whistle devices
  • sparklers
  • trompillo

Fajardo expressed that their is no firecrackers or pyrotechnics ban on the part of the manufacturers and retailers provided that those who want to sell it should display it at the designated community display areas.

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