Student Hospitalized After Teacher Throws Scotch Tape in GenSan

Student Struck by Scotch Tape Thrown by Teacher Hospitalized in GenSan

A grade 12 student was hospitalized after allegedly being struck by scotch tape thrown by his teacher in General Santos (GenSan).

A grade 12 student from a public school in General Santos City was sent to the hospital after being hurt by his instructor, according to a report from Brigada News GenSan. The student allegedly received a roll of scotch tape from the teacher, named Cristine Britania.

Student Scotch Tape GenSan

The mother of the victim related a tale of how the teacher’s reprimand caused harm. The victim’s mother claims that the incident occurred on October 12 as a result of her son’s mischievousness.

In a fit of rage, the teacher tossed something hard at the student. The blow was so strong that the victim felt dizzy and puked. The sufferer was brought to the hospital, but after his health improved the doctor discharged him.

He vomited once again when he got home, so he was brought back to the hospital. Based on the report, the sufferer, who has been in the hospital for more than a month, is in need of surgery because he has a blood clot in his brain.

Although teachers and students made contributions to cover the victim’s medical expenses, they were still insufficient. In addition to looking into the incident, DepEd GenSan is awaiting the victim’s formal complaint against his teacher.

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