2 Students Caught Exchanging Illegal Drugs Inside School

2 Students Caught in the Act Giving Illegal Drugs Inside School in CamSur

Two high school students were caught in the act of exchanging illegal drugs inside their school in Camarines Sur.

School personnel in Calabanga, Camarines Sur, allegedly caught two students in possession of marijuana inside their public school, according to a report from GMA Regional TV. The two were seen swapping dried leaves of the aforementioned substances.

Students Illegal Drugs School

The suspects, reportedly 19 and 20 years old high school students, were identified. According to the preliminary investigation, the school’s administrative assistant discovered them dispensing the dried leaves while on school property.

The police are detaining them, based on the report. The claim was refuted by one of the suspects, but drug use by the other was acknowledged. Meanwhile, a National Irrigation Administration employee was detained in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, for selling dried marijuana leaves with fruiting tips to a drug enforcement official.

Earl Balmes, 30, was detained by combined agents of the Bayombong police and the Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit (PDEU) during a buy-bust operation. After selling two pieces of tiny, transparent plastic sachets that had been heat-sealed and included dried marijuana leaves with fruiting tops to a PDEU agent posing as a buyer during a buy-bust, he was taken into custody.

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