Witty Mom Gives Gin Bilog as Souvenir at Kid’s Baptism in Rizal

Witty Mom Goes Viral for Giving Gin Bilog as Souvenir for Kid’s Baptism, Party in Rizal

Witty mom went viral on social media for giving “Gin Bilog” as a souvenir for her kid’s baptism and party in Rizal.

The unusual mementos that were distributed at a baptism and children’s party in Antipolo City, Rizal, startled a lot of online users. Due to the fact that a bottle of gin was given to the attendees of the baptism and first birthday party.

Gin Bilog Souvenir Baptism

Mommy Analyn Barnedo shared the trending post on Facebook. The Facebook post features some of the fun party moments, but what really catches people’s eyes are the gins that were given out as party favors and the one-on-one photo of the mother and child still clutching the gin.

Mother Analyn claimed that the celebration was for her one-year-old child, Aly Curbo, based on her Facebook post. She added that she had considered giving out gin bottles since she wanted something new and unique.

When asked how her guests felt about the keepsake, she responded that they were pleased because over 90% of the godfathers and godmothers also enjoy drinking. For kids who are visitors but won’t drink, she continued, there is also the option of hand sanitizers as keepsakes.

She also thanked Tita Ghie, the gins’ sponsor, for providing 30 of the aforementioned trinkets. Internet users who could be offended by the idea of giving out gin bilog during a baptism party were reassured by Analyn that they are morally upstanding enough.

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