Dimples Romana Lauds Jake Cuenca’s Acting Despite Being Brokenhearted

Dimples Romana witnessed how Jake Cuenca values his craft

Actress Dimples Romana lauded her co-star Jake Cuenca‘s acting despite being brokenhearted.

Dimples was able to work with Jake in the series Viral Scandal amid the pandemic. After their series, they did the movie My Father, Myself which is one of the official entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022.

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At that time, Jake was at the height of handling his breakup with actress Kylie Verzosa. In a recent interview, the actor said that he is still in the process of moving on from what happened between him and Kylie.

Although he was mending a broken heart, Jake Cuenca did not let this affect his work. Dimples Romana has seen how the actor focused on his craft, based on the article in Newsko.

I saw Jake through ‘Viral Scandal,’ even before that, I’ve seen him in love, I’ve seen him brokenhearted. I’ve seen him being brokenhearted over and over again. I’ve seen him in love many times over as well, kasi lagi kaming magkasama. And I will tell you, just a disclaimer, that I am friends with all his exes. Kaya hindi ako bias. Ang dami kasi e,” the actress said in jest.

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This is the reason why Dimples admires Jake. When they were shooting their MMFF movie, the actor freshly came from a breakup but he did not make everyone on the set that he should be treated like a baby.

Hindi ko naramdaman kay Jake na kailangan namin siyang i-baby sa set na yun na mayroon siyang pinagdadaanan, na kailangan mag-ingat ako sa sasabihin ko, na kailangan hindi ko ito gawin around Jake,” the actress said about her co-star.

She added that Jake’s level of professionalism is different and this is something that she is expecting from her co-stars. Dimples also shared that Jake was always on time and he showed up very, very well, and this makes her admire the actor.

Being an actress, Dimples Romana said that she understands that they are not robots and with buttons that would prompt them to do. This is the reason why she has high regard for Jake Cuenca’s display of professionalism even though he is going through a tough time.

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