John Amores Visits CSB Team to Personally Apologized for Assault

John Amores Personally Apologized to CSB Team Over Assault in NCAA

Regretful John Amores personally went to the practice of the College of St Benilde and apologized for his assault on players.

You may recall that on November 8, John Amores, a former player for Jose Rizal University (JRU), stunned social media when he unexpectedly attacked members of the CSB basketball team. Amores ultimately expressed regret 11 days after the incident, and Charles Tiu, the head coach of Benilde, confirmed it.

John Amores Apologized

The former JRU player accepted their invitation to travel to Benilde for a practice game, claims the coach. Tiu emphasized that although they were pleased with what he had done, it required great humility on his part to admit his error and apologize in front of the entire team.

“So we spoke on Thursday and I invited him lang to practice if he wanted to apologize and he did. We’re happy that he did that, it takes a lot of humility for him to accept his mistakes and to come up in front of the whole team to just say sorry,” said Tiu in an interview.

“It’s not easy. The parents of Jimboy Pasturan turned out to be there also so at least kahit na medyo masama pa rin loob nila, nakapag-apologize si John,” he added.

La Salle’s head coach hopes that Amores’ career would continue after this. According to rumors, Jimboy Pasturan and Taine Davis may choose to drop the lawsuit they brought against Amores.

“It’s a step towards the right direction for him, he said he wants to have a fresh start. And kami naman, we told him that we will try to help him in anyway that we can,” he said.

“I believe so, as of now. Nice thing about John, he’s accepting naman whatever consequences. He didn’t really ask or beg sila Jimboy to throw away the case and I said, that’s really up to the families and the players,” he added.

Tiu stated that the Blazers are still committed to assisting the young kid in getting over the negative experience. The Blazers are still in contention for a twice-to-beat advantage even though JRU has already been eliminated from the Final Four race.

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