Teacher in Iloilo City Gives Quiz to Students Using Banana Leaves

Teacher Gives Quiz with a Twist, Urges Students to Use Banana Leaves in Iloilo City

A teacher in Iloilo City goes viral after he gives a quiz with a twist where students are only allowed to use banana leaves.

After two years of online classes and self-study materials because of the epidemic, face-to-face classes have already begun this year. Some students are not enthusiastic to attend face-to-face classes, but teachers are coming up with creative ways to make their classes more entertaining.

As a result, instructor Neil Amaca, who teaches agriculture at West Visayas State University’s Calinog Campus, didn’t think twice about teaching his pupils the writing system using banana leaves. Amaca the teacher posted some images on social media.

Teacher Banana Leaves Quiz

According to the post, he came up with this idea to demonstrate to the pupils that the Philippines did not have a paper shortage in the past. He cited the fact that they exclusively employed banana leaves or other wide leaves found in the wild as justification.

He, therefore, told the students to bring their own banana leaves for their Agri-120 Post Harvest Handling and Seed Technology quiz instead of reminding them to bring paper. Another issue is that it’s claimed that some students frequently forget or are unable to bring their own paper, which is why the request might be avoided.

Netizens experienced “nostalgia” as a result of his initiative. Life was straightforward in the past when technology was not as advanced or widely used. The Filipinos made use of a variety of natural resources that they could find nearby.

One of these is the usage of tree leaves, which people used to carve or write their thoughts and ideas using the traditional method of writing in addition to using them as food, clothing, or covers for their bodies.

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