What is Cause and Effect and their Example Sentences

WHAT IS CAUSE AND EFFECT – Here is the meaning of cause and effect and some sentences showing their examples.

Among the discussions at school are about cause and effect. This one is quite easy as long as you know the clear difference between the two and that is what we will talk about below.

Cause and Effect – Definition and Examples In Sentences

These are the definitions and examples of cause and effect. Check them out here!

CAUSE AND EFFECT – There is no effect if there’s no cause and vice versa. Here are the definitions and examples.

As a result, therefore, consequently, so that, accordingly, as a result of, due to, because, owing to are just some of the words you can find in sentences and essays that reflect a cause and effect relationship.

Cause and Effect

In sentences or essays, you may state the effect first before the cause or vice versa.

According to Pro Writing Aid, the cause is “a catalyst, a motive, or an action that brings about a reaction”. This “instigates an effect”. The effect, on the other hand, is a “condition, occurrence, or result generated by one or more causes”. Simply put, effect is the outcome.

Why it happened is the cause and what happened is the effect. American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson described this relationship as the “two sides of one fact”.

Here are some examples in sentences.

  1. He lied to me, so I ended our relationship.
  2. She never gave up on her dreams, and now she’s one of the most sought-after chefs in town.
  3. They could win the competition because they trained hard and diligently.
  4. We had to run back to the house because it had begun to rain.
  5. It was chilly last night so I brought a jacket with me to warm me up.
  6. As a result of studying hard, you aced your examination.
  7. Due to COVID-19, many students were not able to experience face-to-face graduation.
  8. Since it’s rainy, I spent the whole weekend sleeping and watching Netflix.
  9. The teacher’s optimism is the reason for the students’ positive outlook.
  10. As a result of working late, she got sick.


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