Cobra Bites Indian Boy, Little Kid Bites Back Twice & Kills Cobra

Indian Boy Bites Back Cobra That Bites Him

A cobra bites an eight-year-old Indian boy playing in their backyard, and the little kid bites back twice and ends up killing the reptile.

The young boy identified as Deepak was playing in their backyard in Pandrapath village of Chhattisgarh state in central India when the incident happened. The Indian cobra suddenly appeared and wrapped itself around his hand.

After a few moments, the cobra bites him but he only shakes it off but the reptile won’t let go. The kid lost his temper and bites the cobra twice and he ends up killing it. The boy suffered from great pain after sustaining a snake bite.

Indian Boy

Deepak has been rushed to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment and medication. The health workers administered an anti-venom and observe the latter for an entire day before he was discharged.

The snakebite was dry indicating that no venom was released. The kid quickly recovered after sustaining an injury.

“Such snakebites are painful and may show only local symptoms around the area of the bite,” local snake expert Qaiser Hussain said.

Cobra venom contains neurotoxins that affect breathing and may cause a heart attack. The venom act against the nervous system, which has a fatal effect depending on the amount of venom injected.

Victims need to receive an antivenom as soon as possible to avoid further health complications, which may lead to death.

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Indian Boy

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