US Lotto Jackpot Prize Seen to Hit this Amount & Be 4th Highest Prize in US Lotto History

Update on US Lotto Jackpot Prize w/c Kept on Increasing for 3 Months Now

US LOTTO JACKPOT PRIZE – The grand prize for U.S. Powerball Lotto is expected to become the 4th highest prize in the history of the United States Lotto.

Many people across the globe are into lotto games. A lot of individuals are hopeful that they will be the next multi-millionaire because of a lotto winning. The major lotto games usually have jackpot prizes that are multi-million.

Aside from major lotto games, a lot of lotto agencies also operates minor lotto games. These are also participated by a lot of people.

In the United States, many people now are excited over the Powerball Lottery. The US lotto jackpot prize for the said game kept on increasing for three (3) months now. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, there was no winning ticket in the previous 38 Powerball draws.

US Lotto Jackpot Prize
Photo Credit: Esquire Philippines

The organizers estimate that the US Lotto jackpot prize will hit more than $1.2 billion. By then, it will be the fourth highest jackpot prize in the history of lotto in the United States.

Based on the report, in case a bettor wins the jackpot prize by getting all six numbers of the winning combination right, he or she will have the option of getting the $1.2 billion as an annuity and paid out for more than 30 years or take the lump sum cash payment which is estimated at $596.7 million.

The current jackpot prize is the second-highest in the history of Powerball lotto. It would be divided if there will be multiple winners. The taxes may also make a cut but the prize would still be several folds of the $2 try on a lotto ticket.

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