4 Siblings in U.S. Survives House Fire due to Stranger Who Got Lost

Stranger Man Helps 4 Siblings Escape from Fire that Broke at their House

SIBLINGS – Four (4) children whose parents were away survived the fire at their house due to a stranger who got lost in their place.

A lot of people believe in the so-called “blessing in disguise”. These are situations where an unfortunate happening has turned into something good and has worked out with a purpose that is far beyond one’s initial expectation. Have you experienced a lot of “blessing in disguise” in your life?

Recently, in the United States, a moment which may have initially been an unfortunate situation to a man turned out to be an opportunity to help and save lives – and, on the other camp’s part, a blessing in disguise.

Siblings in house on fire
Photo Credit: WBFF

Based on a report on GMA News, a motorist in the United State identified as Brendan Birt got lost in an area in Iowa. He parked his vehicle in front of a house, get off his car, and watched the surroundings as he got lost in the place. While watching around, he noticed that fire has caught the front part of one of the houses.

Birt immediately called 911 to ask for help for the burning house. Based on the report, he also went near the house and rattled the window of the house to alarm if there are people inside. According to him, he was screaming and yelling to wake the people inside because he really felt that there are people inside the house.

After a while, three (3) children ran out from the house. Another one (1) who is the eldest among the siblings followed them out. Based on the report, their father was still at work when the incident happened while their mother is in another state.

According to the children, there was already fire in their staircase when they were heading out. Birt said that if it took another five (5) minutes before the fire was noticed, he thinks the kids were not anymore able to get out from their burning home. The siblings who are aged 8, 14, 17, and 22 are now all safe and Birt getting lost in the area turned into a blessing in disguise. They are all grateful to him.

Currently, the authorities are still investigating the incident to determine the cause of the fire. More updates may be posted soon.

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