Lady Netizen Posts Low Score While Studying at Coffee Shop

Lady Netizen Goes Viral Online After Sharing Low Score on Exams While Studying at Coffee Shop

A lady netizen goes viral online and earns reactions from netizens for posting low scores while studying at a coffee shop.

Most students were busy attending their classes and performing academic activities at school in order to pass their subjects. However, there are students who end up failing despite giving their best to pass.

A Facebook user named Kristina Asi has shared a photo of herself studying at a coffee shop before her midterm examination. The post quickly circulates online and garnered reactions from social media users.

Lady Netizen

Kristina shared her photo while studying for one of her subjects before the midterm exams. The lady student decided to study at a coffee shop to avoid distractions because she could not concentrate on reviewing at home.

Asi bought iced coffee worth P200 and Pasta worth P180 at the coffee shop. She spent eight hours studying at the establishment but she still get a low score. The woman just scored eight out of 100.

The young woman explained that she usually gets high scores during online classes but her grades start to decelerate when the face-to-face classes resumed.

“nung una po e ako’y nastress kasi ang tataas lagi ng score ko… tas nabigla ako nung f2f ang bobo ko pala tas yun pinagaan ng senior ko ang loob ko na normal daw po yan sa college kaya nag-move on na lang ako,” Kristina said.

The post has a caption:

“ayos yan mahalagay aesthetic.”

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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