Boy Abunda Shares Advice For Friendship

Boy Abunda featured this topic in his recent “Spoken Mula Sa Puso” video

King of Talk Boy Abunda shared useful and realistic advice for friendship in his recent vlog on his YouTube channel.

Tito Boy is admired by many for his words of wisdom about life and career, and any topic that he knows. On his YouTube channel, he features videos in which he would share his thoughts on certain topics and he calls this Spoken Mula Sa Puso.

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In his recent video for the said vlog series, the seasoned TV host shared his thoughts on friendship. The first thing that he mentioned was a quote that says “When people walk out, a friend walks in.”

He also said that true friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. Boy Abunda explained that not everything is about words and being verbal. For him, true friendship does not require or demand anything.

There is also acceptance in true friendship, whoever and whatever that friend may be. “If someone tells you to be who you are no, that’s a problem,” Tito Boy stressed. He also said that friends live with different opinions and it knowing when to speak or be silent in having different opinions is a sign of respect.

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Boy Abunda also pointed out that someone who belittles your dreams and ambitions is not a true friend. He said that a true friend should lift you up and not the other way around.

The King of Talk also cited what US President Abraham Lincoln said about friendship and it is “The best time to make friends is before you need them.” Tito Boy said that friendship becomes valuable when the sole intention to make friends is to have friends.

He added that befriending someone because you need something from that person is not a good thing to do. Tito Boy also said that a true friend is someone who is there when difficult times come.

For Boy Abunda, it is just right that friends should be equal. One is not higher than the other. He admitted that he is still in the process of doing this.

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