RR Enriquez Real Talk to Zeinab Harake Amid Issue vs Wilbert

RR Enriquez Reacts to Controversial Zeinab Harake Amid Issue vs Wilbert Tolentino

The so-called ‘Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez gives a real talk to vlogger Zeinab Harake amid her issue with Wilber Tolentino.

The “Sawsawera Queen,” RR Enriquez, was unafraid to weigh in on the contentious feud between Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake in the news today. According to RR’s real talk, the two only used each other.

RR Enriquez Zeinab Harake

Zeinab was able to use Sir Wilbert due to the money she paid her. The same is true for Sir Wilbert that employed Zeinab in order to get her followers. And without Zeinab, he wouldn’t be aware of the other influencers, RR explained

“Nagamit ni Zeinab si sir Wilbert because of money nabayaran siya. Same with sir wilbert, nagamit mo si Zeinab kasi nakuhanan mo siya ng mga subscribers. And if it’s not for zeinab, di mo naman makikilala ‘yung ibang influencers,” explained RR.

RR stressed that it seems to be related to Zeinab’s mindset especially since Wilbert approached her like a client at the beginning, which is why it is only appropriate for her to demand compensation. She asserted, she and Zeinab had the same mentality.

People shouldn’t criticize Zeinab because she’s simply being business-minded; it’s her right to charge since at the time she was one of the top vloggers or YouTubers, and what she did was a really good choice, she added.

“Same kami ng mentality ni zeinab ha, Kung ikaw hindi kita kilala at lumapit ka sa akin as my client siyempre sisingilin kita for payment. you want fame, you want my subscribers? bayaran mo ako. Sobrang wise decision ng ginawa dun ni Zeinab,” she explained.

“’Di natin siya dapat i-bash doon kasi nagiging business-minded lang siya. Karapatan niya ‘yun na maningil bilang nung time na ‘yun is isa siya sa mga number one youtuber talaga or vlogger. so walang masama dun kung naningil si Zeinab ng 400,000 o 800,000 or marami man siyang nakuhang pera kay sir Wilbert Tolentino like millions,” she added.

She added that she was aware Wilbert had a grudge against her for not getting a prompt response from Zeinab when he sought to get in touch with her. This complete message may be found on her YouTube channel, RR Enriquez Sasawera Queen.

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