Man Jailed After Stealing Gadgets in Christian Church in SJDM

Man Stealing Gadgets at a Christian Church in SJDM Arrested Police authorities arrested a man who was allegedly stealing inside a Christian church in San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) Bulacan. In San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, a thief was caught after breaking into a Christian church and steal gadgets and other stuff. Pastor of Cross … Read more

Motornaper Arrested After Involved in an Accident with Stolen Motorcycle

Motornaper Arrested When Stolen Motorcycle Involved in an Accident MOTORNAPER- Man who recently steals a motorcycle nabbed when he got involved in an accident using the stolen motorcycle. The suspect was arrested after being involved in an accident in Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal. He was the alleged notorious motornaper in San Jose Del Monte, … Read more

100 Dogs To Be Euthanized If Not Adopted

These Dogs Will Be Euthanized If Nobody Shows Up To Adopt Them 100 DOGS – Euthanasia or mercy killing of 100 dogs in a dog compound in San Jose Del Monte was put aside for a while to wait for adoption. Domesticated dogs are probably the most popular pet choice in most countries. Dogs, other … Read more