Ivana Alawi Reacts To GF Reveal Of Brother Hash

Hash Alawi introduces his girlfriend and Ivana Alawi has this comment.

IVANA ALAWI – Vlogger Hash Alawi finally introduces his girlfriend Alex to his viewers and this is the comment of Ivana Alawi.

When someone from the family falls in love, it’s just natural that he or she must introduce the other person. And this is what Hash Alawi exactly did. He has already introduced his girlfriend Alexis to his family and just recently, he officially introduced her to his viewers.

On YouTube, Hash’s newest video introduced his girlfriend and in the same video, they were asked questions that revealed their love story. In the video, they shared that they first met each other on a dating application.

They find each other attractive at first and just everything after that first meeting seemingly smoothly flowed until they fell. It seems like there was instant chemistry between them.

They shared other details like what they liked about each other, their first presents for each other, and other things. They also share their bizarre first date story. Normally, it would be the boy who has to plan things out and everything but to them, it happened the other way around.

Alexis took over and managed to make reservations. She also paid for everything on their first date.

In the video, Hash’s sisters and mother have nothing but nice words about her. She’s caring, beautiful, and kind to them. But what they really liked about her is that she makes Hash happy.

And for Ivana, it is what matters as well – she makes her brother happy.

In the comment section of the post, she wrote, “Perfect couple!!! Sobrang bait, simple at maalaga ni Alexis.”

Ivana Alawi

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