Ivana Alawi Says She’s Not Ready To Date, Here’s Why

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Ivana Alawi Reveals Why She’s Not Ready To Date IVANA ALAWI – Youtube star and actress Ivana Alawi revealed the reason why she is not ready to date. One of the well-loved actresses and vloggers in the entertainment industry is Ivana Alawi. She first became known when she joined the reality show “StarStruck” on GMA-7. … Read more

Ivana Alawi Tries The Spiciest Chip Paqui Chip

Ivana Alawi

This is what happened to Ivana Alawi after eating the “spiciest chip”. IVANA ALAWI – Paqui Chip is a trending and viral challenge online and just recently, Ivana Alawi tried this and this is her reaction. Paqui Chip is a “high voltage chip” that contains both super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper. It … Read more

VIDEO: Ivana Alawi Swaps Clothes, Attitude W/ Sister Amira Alawi

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Here’s Video of Ivana Alawi & Amira Alawi Swapping Outfits and Mimicking Each Other IVANA ALAWI – Watch the video of Ivana Alawi and Amira Alawi swapping outfits and mimicking each other here. One of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines is Ivana Alawi. She gained popularity because of her entertaining vlogs on YouTube. … Read more

Ivana Alawi Gives Mona A Gift That Shocked Her

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Mona was surprised after seeing this gift from sister Ivana Alawi. This is what she gave her! IVANA ALAWI – This is the present that Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi prepared for Mona – something that surprised her. A few weeks from now, we will be celebrating Christmas and a little more push, it would be … Read more

Ivana Alawi Reacts To GF Reveal Of Brother Hash

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Hash Alawi introduces his girlfriend and Ivana Alawi has this comment. IVANA ALAWI – Vlogger Hash Alawi finally introduces his girlfriend Alex to his viewers and this is the comment of Ivana Alawi. When someone from the family falls in love, it’s just natural that he or she must introduce the other person. And this … Read more

VIDEO: Ivana Alawi Surprises House Helper W/ Belo Makeover

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Here’s Video of Ivana Alawi Surprising Her House Helper W/ Belo Makeover IVANA ALAWI – ‘A Family Affair’ actress Ivana Alawi surprised their house helper May with a Belo makeover. Ivana Alawi began her showbiz career on Kapuso’s reality talent competition show ‘StarStruck’ in 2015. She used the name Mariam Al-Alawin in the show. After … Read more